Weather Service campaign for SWELLNet. A company that uses state of the art technology to predict current and upcoming weather events.

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Photography and layout work completed for the Japanese distillery Suntory showcasing their unique product Roku Gin.


Logo created for a new fitness company where the client wanted a strong, impactful logo similar to torrents in a river or heavy rain.

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Layout redesign for an existing Porsche magazine piece. New images were sourced and arranged in a particular way to tell a unique story.


Corporate identity created for a local civil engineering and building company. This identity was based on the CEO’s love for the Blue Mountains and in particular 
Mount Solitary.

A new logo was created as well as relevant stationery, apparel, and signage.

wedding invites mockup.jpg

The big day! The client requested a save the date, wedding invitations, RSVPs and menus. All of this material had to be unified through elegant text and graphics.
The same typefaces were used throughout as well as similar, but different flower and plant graphics. These designs reflected the overall setup of the wedding as several dried flowers reflected the graphics used in the illustration.

mango and choc fv redo.jpg

The packaging and logo was designed for a fictitious ice cream company.

The requirements behind this project were to create a simple, yet elegant packaging system to showcase the "healthier" low calorie flavours of each ice cream product. 


UniBar was a logo designed for a fictitious hospitality company. This company would be targeted towards those who desire a hearty quality meal and the restaurants would be located at universities right across Australia.

Cocktail Restaurant Mockup.jpg

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